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ARAMI Statement

In the fashion world, today is already yesterday. For this reason arami creates a lifestyle and reinterprets a limited iconic selection of contemporary classics.


Perfectly suited for the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle, our team of well known designers create timeless collections formed by an elegant union between contemporary and iconic

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Our experienced stylists, guide you to the perfect collection that complements your uniqueness with combinations that you enjoy wearing always.

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made in

arami applies only the finest of materials, world renowned in nature, from the organic Mediterranean cotton to the French linen and Italian wool. With every thread we are passionate about telling the story of where it came from and how it was created.

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and sustainable

Our aspiration for supreme quality is perfectly matched by our respect for the environment, from inspiration to creation.

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quality by nature arami credo

My motto is: "Style is an expression, which reflects itself in the collection."
Our attitude is interpreted and expressed through our creative design.


Arami collaborates with world renowned Italian designers to design and produce collections of the highest European standards.

Gala - special and unforgettable moments. It is the place for dreams and magic. I Party is the family which has managed to go beyond the limits to produce emotions which are less common and increasingly more intense, in order to enrich the day to day quota of extraordinariness and dream, of excitement and refinement.


Elegance is only the absolute excellence of the material and shape, executed with passion for who attribute to this subject a primary role in the definition of their identity. Designed for the cosmopolitan who travel the world and want to feel at ease wherever they are.



Urban is an essential item a man’s wardrobe, a selection of sophisticated model for the pleasure of wearing and you will never want to part with. The collection has been specially designed to be worn all year round anywhere in the world. It is perfect for the man who demands versatility and comfort without compromising style.



Elegance is only the absolute excellence of the material and shape, executed with passion for who attribute to this subject a primary role in the definition of their identity. Designed for the cosmopolitan who travel the world and want to feel at ease wherever they are.


We simplify
your life

You wish to express yourself, your character, your dreams and the wish to express your values you believe in. arami creates the style, and tailors to fit.

arami life style is the art of giving the right shape to the moment


ARAMI Offering

we are here for you

The arami collection brings you its unique touch. It combines charismatic self-confidence with timeless and relaxed elegance with cuts and colours tailored to suit your individuality.

Corporate Couture

Present your corporate identity with arami. Arami partners with its clients on the business level guiding you to find the perfect expression of your principles through our cosmopolitan, fine and elegant designs, making your business stand out from the crowd.


Personal Stylist Business & Personal

the aim of saving you time, let the collection come to you with one of our expert personal stylists at your office, or home. With this unique service we consult and assist you to make your professional or personal statement. learn more

by Patrice Ramim

Having lived and experienced Paris, the city of style, Patrice Ramim developed his keen sense of form and colour, encouraging within him his strong passion for design, leading him to develop his own collection.

ARAMI Service

We aspire our customers to become our friends

Consultation by our
personal stylists

Our Personal Stylists will present our collection to find the pieces that best suit your personality, and to allow you to know how to dress for what occasion. We will assist you to find the cut, colour and patterns that best matches your taste.

Made to measure
& tailoring

Men seem to forget that tailoring is an option that is available for them. At Arami we offer a wide scale of sizes that allow you to find your size. Thanks to our dedicated tailors we can find the perfect cut for you. At Arami what doesn’t work will work. Your final choice will be finished to your likings and preferences.

72 hour delivery

Once you are registered with us, you can call or email us at anytime and be sure to have any article you need with you in 72 hours. Of course all of your clothing will be adjusted to your measurements.

Negar De Martis

Designer and Style Consultant

Our passion is the creation of an aesthetic and cosmopolitan style for unique individuals.

ARAMI Quality

At the heart of Arami

In the world of wool, Merino stands king. Merino wool has been treasured since 500 BC. Its origin was the Mediterranean basin. It has since become globally known within New Zealand after its introduction to the country in the late 18th century. In the region, the farmers’ innovative techniques and dedication to the production of this prized material has led to significant improvements in its quality.

Merino wool is known for its breathable quality. Its structure has the capacity to respond to the wearer’s body temperature warming against colder temperatures, and cooling against warmth. This character, along with its timeless elegance, forms a classic piece of one’s garment.

The top quality of arami Merino wool is achieved through a careful production process, dedicated to creating the perfect yarn.

The unique natural ingredients that the Egyptian delta offers, allows for the world’s most precious cotton to be produced.

The inexhaustible water supply, fertile silt and frequent breezes from the Mediterranean in the north create the perfect combination of events for rich growth. Planted at the end of March, the mild temperatures encourage lower branches of the plant to grow and develop bolls without the risk of being burnt from direct sunlight. Once summer rolls in the cotton is in the perfect state to form fibres that are regular and uniform that result in a silky feel that is sure not to diminish over time.

Arami cotton is cultivated in a small area to the east of the River Nile and represents only 0.4% of total Egyptian annual cotton production. The cotton that is produced here is complete organic eliminating the use of chemicals harmful to the environment.

Arami cotton is hand picked several times through out the year to ensure only the bolls of correct maturity are selected.

Silk, one of the fashion industry’s prized materials, is distinguished due to its physical characteristics. Characteristics such as its ability to insulate against cool and warm temperatures, natural strength, smooth touch, and its ability to achieve some of the most vibrant of colours from its light reflecting nature.

The quality of silk is dependent on its weight. The heavier the silk, the higher the exhibition of these characteristics, and thus its quality. The production of arami silk requires an attentive process using the silkworm. It takes on average 3000 silkworm cocoons to create 250g of silk thread. As a silk worm pupates it produces silk from special glands within its mouth, which it lays around itself as a cocoon in around 300,000 loops. In order to harvest the silk hot water or steam is applied to the cocoon before hatching occurs. Each cocoon contains a long and fine filament, of which 3-8 are bound together to form a raw silk thread. The raw thread is then carefully processed to create a fine, smooth finished material ready for using in garments.

The secret of the world’s finest linen is hidden in a beautiful pale blue flower in Western Europe. The fields of Normandy provide the perfect setting of fertile soil, favourable climate, and the growers’ generations of know-how. These three key components once combined, allow for fibers that are naturally resistant, have the capacity to absorb humidity, and contain thermo-regulating properties. Perfect for making quality clothing for the wearer, especially in the warmer months.

ARAMI Lifestyle

be cosmopolitan

arami defines style as an expression of value
and fashion as an expression of taste.
We choose to create lifestyle and values.

Environment and Sustainability

Natural born elegance created organically and with complete respect for the environment.

Each thread that goes into the birth of our designs is selected from the choicest of materials, recognized internationally for their rich quality. From the field to the factory the piecing together of these materials is conducted locally and sustainably within Europe under our guiding high principles.

Respect for people, the product and the environment are the values that move our wool mills and are woven into our designs. Our wool mills are certified by EMAS, which is an Eco Management system that requires both full respect to the environment and continued attention to improving our processes to reduce the impact on the environment.

We aspire our customers to become our friends


Our References

Life as art, style as way of living

We fitted up the moderators of Bloomberg TV exclusively and also moderators of n-tv and N24. Furthermore we have partnered with companies such as BMW, Renault, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo.



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